Never Feel Defeated Again!


Many people want to live healthier lives but struggle with how to get started and maintain good habits. The never ending pattern of starting a diet on Monday or joining a gym doesn't result in the sustainable lifestyle you were hoping (and paying) for.

Are you ready to overcome feeling:

  • Overwhelmed

  • Unfit

  • Defeated

  • Frustrated

  • Overweight

  • Disorganized

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Overcome Like A Warrior

The Warrior Approach gives you the tools you need to plan and prep for the week ahead and achieve the healthy lifestyle you deserve to live.

Plan and prep your way to:

  • Energy

  • Freedom

  • Organized

  • Confidence

  • Weight Loss

  • Improved Fitness

  • Saving Time & Money

  • A Healthy Life

How It Works


Step 1


Download Your Free
Accountability Calendar

Step 2


Plan and Prep
Your First Month

Step 3


Begin to overcome
like a warrior


Sustainable success takes just a few minutes each week

The Warrior Approach

1. Determine Your Goal / Habit

2. Identify Potential Challenges

3. Create an accountability plan

4. Mark Your Progress Each Day

5. Celebrate Your Successes

What People Are Saying…

The accountability calendar has kept me honest and on the path to wellness. I love checking off the boxes each day and seeing my results on one page. I feel proud when I’ve accomplished my goals for the day. Thanks for this simple yet powerful tool! - Candace

Meal planning can be an overwhelming thing in my house. I like the idea of planning one week at a time and writing it down on the calendar so the whole family can keep track together. No more last minute pizza delivery, except when it’s planned! - Lisa

Areas Of Accountability

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Meal Planning & Prep

Good habits start with a little planning and prep. You can make a huge impact on your health, weight and overall wellness by taking a few minutes to plan out meals AND when you’ll prepare them in advance. Here’s why...


Fitness Routine

Never leave exercising to chance, we all know it’s often the last thing we want to do. When you plan ahead and mark it down, you’ll have much better success at reaching your goals. See how easy it is...

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Self Care & Development

Often times this important habit is overlooked or left to the end. Planning time for reading, journaling, quiet time or just a few minutes doing what you enjoy will ensure a healthy balance to take on all of life’s challenges. Self-care tips...

About Warrior Approach

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Meet Jen

As a busy mom, wife and business owner, I understand how challenging it is to stay on top of the week-to-week demands of cooking healthy meals, squeezing in a workout and finding some quiet time to recharge each week. I know how important it is, but the pressure of a crazy schedule can dictate whether we eat out or skip the gym one too many times.

I was determined to not be driven by my circumstances and one day decided to do something about it…

Want to know what worked for me?


Going To Battle

I felt like I was going to battle with my crazy schedule, and it was not going to win this time. I was going to be in charge and determine the plan and the outcome. I felt like a warrior inside getting ready to fight. It made me laugh a little, but the idea stuck with me. Learn how it helped my clients…

Don’t wait another week. Download now and get started.

What are you fighting for??

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