Jen's Dinner Plan Sept 15-21

Need some new ideas for dinner meals? Here is Jen’s weekly dinner menu with notes: 


Sunday: Grilled Chicken and Roasted Brussels Sprouts

  • Simple dinner to start the week. 

  • Chicken seasoned with salt and pepper cooked on a grill pan. 

  • Roasted Brussels sprouts: Halved, tossed in olive oil with salt and pepper, and roasted 20ish minutes at 425 degrees until desired tenderness and crispness. 


Monday: Wild Salmon Patties with Mixed Greens

  • These salmon patties pack a lot of flavor. 

  • Mixed greens accompanied with a squeeze of lemon juice.


Tuesday: Taco Meat and Sauteed Zucchini

  • When we have tacos with ground meat (turkey or beef) at my house, I usually just have ground meat with toppings and a large side of sauteed zucchini.

  • I saute garlic in the warm olive oil prior to adding the ground meat. Once the meat is cooked through, drain and add a generous amount of Homemade Taco Seasoning.

  • Toppings of choice: homemade salsa, diced avocado, green onion slices, and chopped fresh cilantro.

  • For the zucchini, slice then saute in olive oil until tender. Season with salt and pepper.


Wednesday: Baked Parmesan Chicken and Green Beans

  • This is a spin off from the recipe The Best Parmesan Chicken Bake

  • To add more flavor to the chicken and make it come out with a less rubbery texture than baking, in an oven-proof skillet I saute the garlic and red pepper flakes over medium heat. Then I added the chicken seasoned with salt and pepper, let it brown on one side for 5 minutes or so then browned on the other side. Next I topped the breast with sauce, mozzarella cheese, and sprinkle of basil. Then I placed the skillet in the oven and baked it at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes. It tastes much better and it is much easier to clean up baking in the skillet.

  • Green beans were the pre trimmed, prewashed in the bag variety. Just steamed in the bag for a few minutes and done.

Thursday: Tuesday Leftovers

  • Leftover taco meat, but I sauteed fresh zucchini. 


Friday: Leftovers - Salmon Patties and Brussels Sprouts

  • Monday’s Salmon Cakes with Sunday’s Brussels Sprouts came together this night.

Saturday: Hosted a Gathering with Light Apps

  • I had a get together at my house. My rule is make something healthy. Here’s my menu:

    • Curry Avocado Chicken Salad - For the chicken, I got a roasted chicken from Whole Foods and pulled off all the chicken and shredded it. I about doubled the amount of the other ingredients.

    • Mixed Greens - For the chicken salad to go on top or for an olive oil and vinegar dressing.

    • Blistered Green Olives - The favorite for the night. Some people took extra home in little drink cups. 

    • Grilled Asparagus - Asparagus spears, seasoned with salt and pepper, grilled on a grill pan. More veggies are always good!

    • Sweet Potato Bruschetta - Simple, yet so tasty.

Let me know if you try any of these recipes or have good ones of your own to share. 

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