Jen's Dinner Plan July 21-27

Need some new ideas for dinner meals? Here is Jen’s weekly dinner menu with notes:


Sunday: Slow Cooker Chicken, Potato, & Carrot Soup 

  • This Sunday I headed out of town for a 2-day public speaking workshop. Before I left the house, I put this recipe in the slow cooker for my family. For my own dinner, I brought leftovers from Saturday night’s dinner - burger patty, Brussels sprouts, and grilled potato salad. 

Monday: Dinner Out - Salmon BLT with No Bun and Side Salad

  • After day 1 of the workshop, several of us went to dinner at a local brewery. I enjoyed my club soda and lime. For my meal, I had the Salmon BLT without the bun and a mixed green salad for my side. 


Tuesday: Blueberry, Quinoa, & Kale Salad with Chicken

  • I got back home from the public speaking workshop late. I had healthy snacks in the car with for my 4 hour drive home - RX Bar and raw veggies. 

  • For my dinner, I ate leftover Blueberry, Quinoa, & Kale Salad from Saturday night topped with some chicken I had cooked up last weekend. I LOVE this salad!

Wednesday: Garlic Shrimp with Brussels Sprouts, and Grilled Potato Salad

  • I cooked about a pound of shrimp with olive oil, butter, garlic, crushed red pepper, salt and pepper in a skillet over medium-high until the shrimp was cooked through and pink. A simple, easy protein to put with leftover sides from Saturday night - roasted Brussels sprouts and grilled potato salad. 

Thursday: Grilled Chicken Thighs, Steamed Green Beans, and Salad

  • Dear friends of ours came to town to visit. I grilled up a huge package of skinless, boneless chicken thighs in my grill pan. Just seasoned with salt and pepper. 

  • Green beans were the kind already trimmed and in a bag to microwave. After they cooked, I tossed them in butter and seasoned with salt and pepper. 

  • A simple salad of mixed greens, carrots, tomatoes, onion, and cucumber with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Friday: Girl’s Night Out

  • I met a few girlfriends in a cute little area called Del Ray at the restaurant Evening Star Cafe

  • One of my friends and I split a salad and fish dish. Light fair and glad to share so I could get a taste of both a salad and the main dish. 


Saturday: Late Lunch/Early Dinner in DC with Ice Cream

  • We were tour guides for our friends visiting us. DC has so much to see! We went from Arlington Cemetary up to the Capital Building which required a lot of walking to see it all. We walked a total of 10 miles. 

  • We took plenty of healthy snacks with us - oranges, raw veggies, RX Bars and Larabars - because you have to get away from the National Mall to find any place to eat outside of food trucks. 

  • We had a very late lunch at Jimmy Johns and after getting ice cream, we were full for dinner. 

  • Jimmy Johns is one of the few sandwich places I like. 

  • I get turkey on their 9-grain bread (a lettuce wrap is an option) with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and avocado spread, hold the cheese. 

  • I absolutely enjoyed my sweet treat at Presidential Scoops. I got a scoop of Teddy’s Moose Tracks and Trump’s Extra Rich Chips.

Let me know if you try any of these recipes or have good ones of your own to share. 

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