Jen's Accountability Calendar May 5-June 1, 2019

The habit for my last 4 week Warrior Approach Accountability Calendar was a real confession--I was going alcohol free. I have totally had a mindshift in how I am better without it than with it. So, now I hardly desire a drink and plan to continue.

I have gone alcohol free before for a month and the end of the month resulted in a flatter stomach along with other positive side effects, but this time it was different...

I gained 6 pounds.

I knew I had gained some weight but was quite surprised when I saw it was as much as 6 pounds. I don’t like using the scale as an accountability tool. Too many factors - especially with women - can affect what the scale says and it can be a liar in my opinion. My best accountability is how my body looks and clothes fit… especially jeans - they are truth tellers. Right? So the scale was an eye opener not an accountability tool. It confirmed what I saw had happened.

So why did this happen? What changed over the last month to cause me to gain weight?

Workouts change? Yes. In a good way? No. I am dealing with a left shoulder issue and can’t weight train like I used to, I can tell my muscle tone has decreased. And not working on my muscles mass can impact the amount of calories the body needs. But this workout change has been going on for a few months now so it can’t be the only culprit for my weight gain. .

Sleep change? No. Sleep has been much better over the last few months. Especially after I got a night guard. I am totally grinder a night. It has been a sleeping game changer.

Stress change? Yes. In a good way? No. Overall, things have been more stressful. So that could have an impact. But back when I went alcohol free for a month, life was even more stressful. So I can’t attribute the weight gain to that.

Age change? Yes. At end of the March I turned one year closer to 40. Don’t tell me I am already fighting the effects of aging and slower metabolism in as little  as one month?

Pregnant? Oh goodness! No.

So what else?

Eating change? Yes. In a good way? Begrudgingly, no. :(  I have been eating more both good for me foods and not so good for me foods.

Why have I been eating more?  Because I have been justifying eating more even when I wasn’t hungry..

What my mind has been saying to justify things that aren’t true:

  • I am not consuming calories from alcohol so I can eat more.

  • I “think” I am hungry and need to eat to avoid getting really hungry.

  • A little here and there won’t matter.

Wrong. All wrong.

I began to eat more sweets during the week rather than just once or twice. I just love sweets. But I have to be careful.

My go-to snack became nuts. Raw whole nuts and nut butters are an easy, quick, tasty filler. Plus, it is a good fat. But this wasn’t just a small handful of nuts. I am talking multiple handfuls, spoonfuls on apples, and nut based bars … all in one day! Because I thought I was hungry.

What I have learned or what was reinforced:

  1. Too much of a good thing, isn’t good.

  2. Justification can easily slip in.

  3. Eating can be habitual, not necessary, at times.

  4. Mindless eating isn’t productive. I have to be intentional.

The thinking I am hungry has been the worst part. I work from home and close to the kitchen. So I am spending a long time programming for training clients, following up with wellness clients, writing website material, etc. My tummy tends to want to go to the kitchen because it is so close. Eating is also an easy distraction.

Once you get your body into the habit of having food so frequently, it thinks it needs it. And you have to retrain it to think otherwise. Even right now as I type this, my body wants to go find something to eat. I finished dinner not even an hour ago!

So, it is time for me to refocus, put down the nuts, push away the desserts, and only eat when I am truly hungry.

Here is my Warrior Approach Plan--

Goal and Focus Habits:

Goal -- Lose 6 pounds.

Habit -- Only eat when truly hungry; skip excess snacking



  • I am not happy with my body right now.

  • I am not happy with how I feel.

  • I don’t feel confident.

  • I am foggy headed.

  • I hate feeling “blah!”

Potential Challenges:

  • Mother’s Day weekend.

  • Sweets around the house.

  • The days I sit at my desk for extended periods of time.

Action Plan:

  • Allow myself only 2 *small* sweet treats each week.

  • Listen to whether I am really hungry or not.

  • One less snack a day - usually mid morning unless I am having a late lunch. If a late lunch, skip afternoon snack.

  • Instead of spending long periods of time at my desk, go work at a coffee shop or library, if possible.

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