Jen's Accountability Calendar Mar 31-Apr 27, 2019

This 4 week habit is a big challenge for me.

Total confession.

I’ve allowed my mostly solid healthy habits give me permission to indulge in alcohol and sweets. For me, the bigger of the two issues is alcohol. In the moment, it seems like a good idea, but afterwards I am not happy with how I feel. It has never been worth it. I like to pretend it is, but it really isn’t.

So after a weekend of “eat, drink, and be merry” for my birthday at the end of March, I decided to go alcohol free for 4 weeks. I set up my Warrior Approach Accountability Calendar and prominently posted it next to my work station where I spend a lot of my day. Then, it has taken me a week and a half to write this post. Though things have been very busy and I haven’t had as much time to write, I still felt this hesitancy about making it public because I was admitting a big fault and it would create more accountability. If I didn’t share it with you, I could change my mind and no one would be the wiser. Ever been there?

But I am absolutely convinced I need to address my long term struggle between professing the best health Monday through Friday, yet consuming up to 5 drinks over the weekend. Or having occasional weekday drink if an open bottle of wine is still sitting around, because, you know, I don’t want to be wasteful (eye roll). Or ordering a drink when out to lunch with friends.

Four days after starting this new habit with a commitment level 6 out of 10, a podcast posted by the Genius Life with Max Lugavere called The Surprising Way Alcohol is Ruining Your Life interviewing James Swanwick. The strong title struck a chord within me and I nervously hit play. Mr. Swanwick was truthful and direct, as well as instructional. As I assumed listening to that podcast would do, it moved my commitment level from 6 to 9.5.

0.5 of me is still like, “Are you really going to do this?”

Yes, 0.5 of me, I am doing it.

And I think this may be a long term, new lifestyle thing for me - alcohol free. Despite the few bottles of very nice wine I have been saving for special occasions, the beautiful weather beckoning me to sit outside with a drink, the good bottle of tequila I purchased for my birthday get together, or the vacation we have planned at a gorgeous lakeside getaway, having alcohol doesn’t determine if I have a good time.

Yet, even as I think about how these things can spark a craving for a drink, I feel confident about remaining alcohol free. My why and mindset are very strong. I know my focus habit and I have a plan. I also have my accountability system in place. (All the non-negotiables for creating sustainable habits, by the way. Check out that post.)

Below you will see how I broke down my Accountability Worksheet from the Warrior Approach Calendar.

I thank you in advance for being a cheerleader and accountability partner to me. I am still a little nervous about this but I know I have great support! Just like everybody else, I have to work on my healthy habits.


Goal and Focus Habits:

Goal -- End desire for alcohol. Feel better in my skin.

Habit -- Alcohol free everyday


  • I am not happy with my body right now. I am not happy with how I feel.

  • If I am an example of health and wellness, alcohol doesn’t need to control me.

  • Be a better example to my daughter. I want her to have a healthy relationship when it comes to alcohol but I don’t want her thinking it is a necessary thing for mommy to drink on the weekend.

  • I need my sharpest mind right now for my family and the growth of my business.

Potential Challenges:

  • The craving I can get on the weekends for a drink.

  • Also, knowing I will be consuming less calories from alcohol or not having that treat can wrongly justify my having extra chocolate, dessert, bread, etc. which still defeatsi my goal.

  • Family get away Easter weekend.

Action Plan:

  • Mark my progress on my calendar.

  • Tell friends-- I am alcohol free.

  • Have plenty of carbonated water on hand. Love my Sodastream!

  • Order club soda with lime when out.

  • Not take any wine with me for the getaway.

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