Jen's Dinner Plan Feb 24-Mar 2

Jen's Dinner Plan Feb 24-Mar 2

Need some new ideas for dinner meals? Here are Jen’s dinner menus (and notes) from the week prior:


Sunday: Late lunch-early dinner at The Little Beet in NYC

  • This was before I took the train back to DC.

  • The Pennsey at Penn Station is a fun place to get food in NYC.

  • 2 days of eating out and I am ready for home cooked food.

Monday: Salads with Chicken

  • Requested by the family - hubs and daughter, actually. Fine with me!

  • I marinated chicken breasts for a few hours in lemon juice, olive oil, fresh crushed garlic, salt and pepper.

  • While my chicken cooked in the grill pan, I made the salads.

  • Simple dressing - olive oil and vinegar.

Tuesday: Tortilla-Less Fajitas

  • Yep! Fajitas without the tortillas!

  • Season the chicken with homemade taco seasoning. Homemade is best. Double the recipe and store it in a jar.

  • Hubby grilled the chicken and sauteed the peppers and onions on the grill pan.

  • My homemade salsa, diced avocado (of course!), and chopped fresh cilantro for topping.

  • Black refried beans as a side.

  • Made extra for another night.


Wednesday: Wild Salmon Patties and Roasted Asparagus

  • Seriously the best salmon patty recipe. Family loves it!

  • My daughter picked our veggie. Love me some roasted asparagus!

Thursday: Amy’s Frozen Meal

  • There are some nights when this is the best plan. And this was pre-planned.

  • I will only buy a very select few frozen meals. Amy’s brand are some of the best.


Friday: Leftovers- Tortilla-Less Fajitas

  • Love me some mexi food!

  • Easy Friday night.

Saturday: Date night with the hubs!

  • We tried a restaurant we haven’t been to yet and it was good! Fun atmosphere, great live music, and right by our house...prefect combo!

  • Eating out game plan: Decide ahead if this will be a time you pick a more indulgent dish or order something healthy. One splurge dinner  won’t ruin your whole week of healthy eating. Just decide and plan ahead!

  • When I eat out, I tend to choose a healthier main dish because I would rather enjoy dessert or a drink.

Let me know if you try any of these recipes or have any good ones of your own to share.



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