Jen's Dinner Plan March 17-23

Need some new ideas for dinner meals? Here is Jen’s dinner menu with notes from last week:

Sunday: Leftovers - Shrimp Stir Fry with Forbidden Rice

  • This was leftovers from Wednesday last week. The intentional making of leftovers.

  • My notes:

    • A ton of veggies sauteed with shrimp tossed in my favorite teriyaki sauce - Soy Vay.

    • Veggies - broccoli, red peppers, carrots, squash, zucchini, mushrooms, and onion.

    • My favorite rice is a black rice known as Forbidden rice. It has a nutty flavor and more nutrients than white or brown rice.

Monday: Leftovers - Homemade Irish Beef Stew

  • From last Saturday night’s St. Patrick’s day dinner party with friends.

  • My notes:

    • Based on the reviews- Increased the meat to 2lbs, cut the amount of potatoes in half, and doubled the carrots.

    • In the end to thicken the stew, I added 1 tbsp of cornstarch mixed in about a cup of water.


Tuesday: Parmesan Chicken Bake with Green Beans

  • Any easy throw together dinner.

  • A good sub for the complicated and less healthy traditional parmesan chicken.

  • Took me all of 5 minutes to put together.

  • I used dried basil instead of fresh. Sprinkled a little extra on top.

  • Fresh green beans in the bag, another 5 minutes to fix after I took the baked chicken out of the oven.

Wednesday: Pan-seared Salmon and Zucchini

  • Though I like the salmon crispy, I over seared it this time. Still loved it though!

  • For the zucchini, just slice, season with salt & pepper, and saute in a pan over medium heat until softened.

  • 20 minute dinner!!

Thursday: Leftovers - Parmesan Chicken Bake with Green Beans


Friday: Sushi from Whole Foods

  • It was a girls' night in with my daughter, so I picked up some sushi when I was grocery shopping that afternoon.

  • The cost was almost as much as going out. Eek! But I didn’t have to leave the house or cook.

  • We followed up by watching Mary Poppins Returns. Soooooo gooooood!!!

Saturday: Date night with the hubs!

  • We met some friends at an Irish Pub. I went for the beef stew.

  • Eating out game plan: Decide ahead if this will be a time you pick a more indulgent dish or order something healthy. One splurge dinner won’t ruin a whole week of otherwise healthy eating. Just decide and plan ahead!

Let me know if you try any of these recipes or have any good ones of your own to share.