Jen's Accountability Calendar Mar 3 - Mar 30


Jen’s Accountability Calendar: Mar 3 - 30, 2019

Goal and Focus Habits:

Goal #1 - Have better lunch option

Habit -- Prep 4 lunches for the week on Sunday

Goal #2 - Less time thinking about work and in front of a computer

Habit -- Read before bed every night. A real, physical, paper book.


For goal #1 - Confession… I haven’t prepped my salads for the week in 3 weeks. It was a regular routine of mine but my weeks have been so off lately I haven’t prepped my salads. I miss them! I haven’t felt as good. I haven’t had unhealthy lunches. I’ve just been eating more lunches out due to meeting with people and having more green shakes on the other days. So I need to do fewer lunches out and get back to my salads.

For goal #2 - This is a repeat from the last 4 weeks. I just want to emphasize this again to ensure it’s really becoming a habit. Being intentional about reading has been so helpful for getting my mind off work and taking a break from electronics. I am almost done with one whole book! HUGE win for me!

Potential Challenges:

For goal #1 - Not too many challenges for this right now. I typically prep my salads on Sunday and I only foresee one Sunday over the next 4 weeks that I will be gone all day.

For goal #2 - Same as before...Right now, I am pretty excited about trying to help as many people as I can with create sustainable habits so they improving their health and life. Therefore, I am tempted to spend all my extra time, and even stay up late, working on more Warrior Approach content.

Action Plan:

For habit #1 - Prep 4 salads on Sunday. The Sunday I will be gone all day, I will prep on Saturday.

For habit #2 - Same as before...every night before turning off my light, I will read. Even if it is only a few pages. The latest I can start is 10 pm. I will give myself stars on my calendar for the days I read. Hopefully, I will finish a 2nd book by the end of the 4 weeks.

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