Jen's Dinner Plan March 3-9

Need some new ideas for dinner meals? Here are Jen’s dinner menu (and notes) from the previous week:


Sunday: Chicken Tortilla Soup with Salad

  • One of my absolute favorite soups!

  • I made in the slow cooker this time.

  • Salad was very simple - just mixed greens tossed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

  • Rule of thumb is a green veggie with every meal.


Monday: One Pan Balsamic Chicken, Green Beans, and Potatoes

  • A simple, easy one sheet dinner.

  • My daughter frequently requests it..

  • I doubled it to have leftovers.

Tuesday: Pan-Seared Salmon with Cajun Seasoning and Steamed Broccoli

  • This was a last minute change of plans.

  • In honor of Mardi Gras, I was going to make New Orleans BBQ Shrimp. When I went to the freezer to get the shrimp out to thaw, I found no shrimp. Ugh! I recall picking up a bag of shrimp when I was the grocery store earlier but apparently it didn’t make it home. Salmon thaws quickly making it an excellent thing to keep stocked in your freezer.

Wednesday: Leftovers- Chicken Tortilla Soup and Beef Chili  

  • Busy evening, so leftovers were a must!

  • Busy nights are no excuse for eating out.

  • The beef chili was leftover from the jumbo pot I made 2 weeks ago and froze.

Thursday: Leftovers- Balsamic Chicken, Green Beans, and Potatoes

  • Easy peasy. I warmed up Monday night leftovers in a large skillet.


Friday: Homemade Pizza

  • If I’m going to eat pizza, it must be of good quality.

  • I make the dough and sauce from scratch.

  • Dough recipe is from Bobby Flay Food Network.

  • Sauce is a mixture of crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, olive oil, pinch of sugar, crushed garlic, organo, crushed red pepper, salt, and pepper. I freeze leftovers in ice cube trays, then once frozen place them in a freezer bag.

  • I use fresh mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. Top with basil, dried or fresh, depending what I have.

  • I brush the crust with crushed garlic mixed with olive oil and salt.

  • I use parchment paper to roll the dough out on. Plus it makes it super easy to transfer to from the counter top to the hot pizza stone using another pizza pan. Just bake the pizza on the parchment paper.

  • The pizza bakes on a pizza stone for 10 minutes at 500 degrees.

  • It is a process but worth it to have pizza and still feel good after eating it.

Saturday: Dinner out- Mexican

  • We had planned for this evening to be our eat-out meal and tried a new-to-us mexican restaurant.

  • It is really easy to overindulge at a mexican restaurant but here are few suggestions to eat out mexican healthy:

    • Skip over the cheese filled, sour cream sided dishes like burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and tacos. Look at the entree section of the menu with chicken, beef, and seafood. Typically you can find a protein topped with veggies with a side of beans and rice that allows you to skip the creamy sauces.

    • Another option is ordering fajitas without tortillas, cheese, or sour cream.

    • Portions are usually large. If so, only eat half and take the rest home (ask for a box before your entree comes and put half in it immediately so you’re not tempted to keep eating) or split the dish with someone.

    • Have a club soda with lime instead of a margarita.

    • And be sure not to make a meal out of the chips and salsa before you dish arrives.

Let me know if you try any of these recipes or have any good ones of your own to share.