Jen’s Accountability Calendar Feb 3 - Mar 2

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Jen’s Accountability Calendar: Feb 3-Mar 2, 2019

Goal and Focus Habits:

Goal #1 - Feel better and have less sugar

Habit -- 1-2 max sweet treats per week

Goal #2 - Less time thinking about work

Habit -- Read more every day. A real, physical, paper book.


For goal #1 - I struggle with a desire for  sweet treats. I crave them after dinner and have them too often. I love them! But my body doesn’t feel as good. I want to keep up the progress I made last month with my Accountability Calendar and have less sugar so my body feels better.

For goal #2 - I need something to get my mind off work and take a break from electronics. It will be so much better for my brain and well being to read more.

Potential Challenges:

For goal #1 - there are 4 parties and events already planned this month so not a lot wiggle room for non-planned dessert times or to overindulge.

For goal #2 - I am pretty driven right now to get my new website/product promoted and going strong. Therefore, I am tempted to  spend all the time and even stay up late working on it.

Action Plan:

For habit #1 - On the Calendar, write the pre-planned dessert events and decide if I want to allow myself additional treats outside of that, as long as it doesn’t exceed 2 per week.

For habit #2 - every night before turning off my light, I will read. Even if it is only a few pages. The latest I can start is 10 pm. I will give myself stars  on my calendar for the days I read.

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